1027 Grand St, suite 133

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Our rentals are heavily weighted in the production department, however we've been gradually expanding into Art, Grip & Electric, wardrobe & camera. Order's can be delivered or picked up 24/7 at our storage facility in Long Island City. We encourage clients to send over a full list. If we don't have it, we always consider adding to our inventory. Don't be shy :)

We serve mostly small clients for short-form content, but as partnerships with other filmmakers grow so will the scope of our projects. These partnerships allow us to be scalable to a diverse range of genre's medium's and budgets. We follow through on projects from pre to post production, do mostly promotional material, but are looking to expand into narrative projects as well.

Sick in the Head productions, AKA SITH Productions is founded by Ian Herman. The goal of SITH is to produce original sketch comedy, without crowdfunding or asking friends for money. We do this by producing content for clients, and maintaining a robust rental business. With these revenue streams, Ian and collections of filmmakers can produce passion projects and grow as a company

About US




The original plan was to just make a sketch comedy site, but then we decided to create revenue streams to fund our passion projects. Expect funny songs, music video's, and just about anything that mocks the way media is consumed. Check out our video's on SITH Comedy.

Ian Herman

Founder of SITH Productions